5 Questions to Ask Before Picking Out Tiles

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It does not matter whether the goal is to remodel the old tiles or get a set of new ones. The vast number of options available in size, color, design, shape, and pattern can be confusing. To make the process effortless, the top flooring company in Avondale suggests five questions to ask before finalizing the tiles. 

Which is the Suitable Material?

There are various tiles – ceramic, porcelain, glass, and marble. Ceramics is the classic option, whereas porcelain is about giving a modern look to the setting. The glass tiles will add a designer touch, while the marble one is all about luxury interiors. The best flooring company in Avondale suggests deciding on the material based on already existing interiors to maintain uniformity.

What Size are you Looking for?

A small space would require a small-sized tile to fit best. The size of the tile influences the look and feel of a room. Get larger tiles in case of comparatively larger space. Experts at the flooring companies in Mesa suggest using the same size tiles on both walls and floors in the same space. The mismatched size will create a disproportionate look. 

How to Choose the Tile Color?

The color of the tiles again plays a crucial role in determining the look. Using neutral tiles will make the space look more extensive and more comprehensive. On the other hand, the use of darker colored tiles is recommended in areas with more light. Keep the grout color similar to the tile for a more flawless appearance. 

What Kind of Design will be Appropriate for the Space?

The design of the tile will highly depend on the existing surroundings. As per the Arizona top flooring design ideas for 2022, the classic marble tile is quite a trend. You have a wide range of designs, starting from the glass mosaics to the stone countertops. 

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What is the Budget for the Project?

The budget of the tiles will most likely depend on your expectations regarding the design. It might be a little costly if you are looking forward to choosing from the latest flooring trends blogs in Arizona and going with the luxurious show. 

Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Tiles for Your Home


  • Consider the amount of traffic while choosing the tiles for the floor. In the case of countertops, double-check how easily they can be scratched. 
  • Look for slip-resistant materials. Tiles can be slippery, considering the amount of moisture in the kitchen and bathrooms. Ensure it has an excellent coating to resist slipping.
  • Consider tiles based on the space they are going to be placed. Suppose for kitchen and bathrooms a non-porous tile would be right. 


  • Do not overlook the porosity. Certain tiles are porous due to the respective material and can absorb water.
  • Not ordering a sample to see the quality of the tile can put you in a lot of trouble. It is suggested to plan and look for a sample before buying too many.

So, there is no stressing about choosing the right tile anymore. Keep the above suggestions in mind and get suitable tiles for the home.