Why you should Consider a Laminate Flooring for your Home from Healthy Home Flooring

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Were you initially considering installing hardwood flooring in your home but had backed out due to their high price? According to the latest flooring ideas in Arizona, hardwood floors can easily be replaced with laminate wood flooring. Laminate flooring has recently experienced a massive surge in popularity due to its price, ease of maintenance, and durability. Using contemporary techniques, intricate laminations that resemble hardwood floors can be produced. People who are low on budget but yet want the sophisticated appearance of hardwood in their houses might choose laminate flooring from the top flooring company in Avondale.

Reasons to Install Laminate Flooring at Home

Here are our top six suggestions on why you should install laminate flooring in your house:

1. It is More Practical in Size

The lengths of hardwood planks are frequently eight or ten feet and occasionally even more. On the other hand, laminate is typically offered in convenient four-foot strips.

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2. Laminate Provides a Hardwood Appearance without the Exorbitant Price

If you adore the beauty of hardwood floors but fear the process will be too expensive, laminate offers you a similar appearance to the hardwood at a much lower price.

3. It is Simple to Clean

In addition to being resistant to accidental stains and spills, laminate flooring’s wear layer is effortless to clean. Unlike hardwood, it is water-resistant and made to be readily cleaned and mopped.

4. Installing it is Simple

Almost any existing floor can be covered with laminate flooring. It can be set up at any grade as long as a moisture barrier is there, and after an underlayment has been spread down, the planks snap together.

5. It is Very Sturdy

Laminate flooring resists UV fading, stains, and smudges from dirt and muck, a crucial quality for flooring in houses with lots of natural light.

6. It is Adaptable and Suitable for Usage in any Space

Bathrooms shouldn’t have hardwood floors because of the potential for water damage, although laminate is frequently acceptable in these spaces.

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What to Look for in Laminate Flooring

You must remember four aspects before you purchase the laminate flooring for your lifestyle:

  • Look for gaps in the boards’ alignment. For example, floorboards made of laminate should lock together smoothly and produce a flat surface.
  • The designs on higher-quality laminate floors are varied enough to appear natural. A lower-quality floor has a machine-made appearance. Try to identify the recurring pattern on the floor sample by carefully examining it.
  • Find out from the salesman whether the laminate is of high- or direct pressure. While both methods produce practical flooring, high-pressure laminate is a more recent innovation and frequently of higher quality.
  • Ask the salesman to confirm whether the product has a UV surface. This preserves the quality of the hardwood flooring’s printed image.

Want Laminate Floors at Home? 

If you’ve never installed a laminate floor before, the variety of laminate flooring materials available on the market may seem daunting. According to the Arizona Flooring Trends, many laminate products also last longer and hold up better than natural hardwood. In addition, they are made to look and even like natural hardwood without costing as much. So if you are looking for the most popular and best Laminate Flooring in Arizona, follow Flooring World News. They are renowned for providing you with the best Arizona flooring ideas that will be most suitable for you.