Why Healthy Home Flooring is the Top in Hardwood Flooring Trends?

Flooring Trends in Arizona

In Tempe, Arizona, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that wood flooring rarely goes out of style. For their homes and businesses, everyone is constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques related to wooden flooring.

Of course, there are much more lavish flooring options available nowadays, such designer mosaics and flooring made of genuine stones. Real wood, however, is hard to top for warmth, solidity, and charm.

5 Best Hardwood Flooring in Tempe, Arizona 


The most typical form of hardwood used for wooden floors is oak tree timber. This is because of its exceptional resilience to external irritants like nicks, fractures, scratches, and other types of damage. Similar to how tiled floors require less upkeep, this property guarantees its lifespan while also permitting for minimum upkeep.

For anyone who dislikes the thought of having rugs and carpeting on the floor, it is a fantastic option. Additionally, the rough, gritty pattern that an oak surface typically has contributes to the ideal sensation when you stroll barefoot on it.

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Another typical variety of wood that is frequently used for floor is cherry. Its two standout characteristics are:

Some people who enjoy their homes to be as bright as practical do not choose it because it blackens with age.

Due to its polished finishing and inherently dark colours, it gives off a tidy appearance.

As mentioned, it is one of the uncommon varieties of hardwood flooring that is sanded after installation. This makes sure that the hardness is somewhat reduced. But sanding has the drawback that it is quite prone to scratches.


The grain pattern, which provides a more heightened look when contrasted to its oak equivalent, is its distinctive selling point. Maple is highly resilient and immune to most weather conditions, especially rain, like the other types described in this list. But keep in mind that maple hardwood tends to develop a yellow coating on the top over time from use. Advanced cleansing can solve this, but it might also change how your flooring looks.

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Mahogany is preferred by individuals who want a regal, opulent aesthetic with a dash of tradition, as you may have already realised. It meets all the requirements for a home: it is strong, impervious to water, and long-lasting (even better than oak).

Mahogany, that is more frequently used to make furniture, is quite pricey and can lead your interior decorating budget to soar. If funds are limited, pine would be the next best choice.


Typically, long boards of pine that resemble sunmica plywood are attached above the thin-set. It is strong enough to withstand all of the seasonal weather variations. Aside from minor yearly maintenance tasks in the corners, it doesn’t need much upkeep. Consider pine flooring, one of the smoothest types now available, if you don’t like how hard your floor is.


This guideline by the top flooring company in Arizona is all you really need to begin a discussion with your carpenter if you are researching the best kinds of wood floors for your new place. Other varieties available as flooring for sale in Arizona are bamboo, walnut, and ash are also utilized, even though these five dominate the market for wood flooring.