How to Choose Best Carpet: Durability, Weight, and Style 

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5 Tips to consider for Picking the Right Carpet for your Home 

Determine which Carpet Fiber Best Meets your Needs


All other fibers cannot compare to nylon’s durability, robustness, and ease of maintenance. This is a wonderful option for high-traffic areas, houses with children and pets, and homes where you want your carpet to survive at least ten years.


It is available in various rich, brilliant colors, is stain resistant, and feels incredibly soft underfoot. However, it is less durable than nylon, tends to shed, and is more difficult to clean. It works well in homes without children or pets and low-traffic areas like bedrooms.


The baseline for performance and luxury is wool, as per the flooring blog for trends in AZ. It is more supple than synthetic materials, incredibly strong, and offers excellent stain resistance.

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Olefin (Polypropylene)

It is a good option for low, loop-pile carpeting, indoor/outdoor carpeting, and in commercial settings since it is strong and stain- and water-resistant.


However, room-size carpets rarely include this fiber because they tend to pill and fuzz. Bathroom carpets frequently contain this material, which is moisture and mildew-resistant.

Consider Face Weight

The carpet’s face weight, expressed in ounces per square yard, is its pile height. The weight of the carpet fibers solely makes up the face weight; the backing components are excluded. In addition to face weight, factors including fiber twist, fiber type, density, durability, and carpet style should be considered when assessing a carpet’s quality. 

Pick an Excellent Carpet Style

Fibers cut, looped, or both are used to make carpets. The pile height affects the rug’s softness, abundance, and cleaning difficulty. Even though there are countless additional subcategories of carpets, they all fall under one of these three categories: Cut-Pile, Loop-Pile, and Cut-Loop Pile Carpets. For more carpeting-related design inspiration, you can look at Arizona’s top flooring design ideas for 2022.

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Select the Ideal Carpet Pad

Padding is a choice you make when purchasing a new carpet. The pad supports the rug and prevents the mat from becoming worn out, making it feel richer and more comfortable to walk on. By allowing air to move through the carpet when you vacuum, proper padding also makes carpets easier to maintain. Because of prime urethane pads’ propensity to compress after installation, particularly in high-traffic areas, they are typically the least priced. The densest and most full pads are made of natural and synthetic fibers, but they also cost the most. The popular one, as seen on flooring blog ideas in AZ for home use, is bonded or rebonded pads, which are formed of chunks of colorful polyurethane foam.

Decide on a Budget

Choose the ideal carpet for each space to make the most of any budget. For instance, investing in stain-resistant carpeting in your bustling family room can be worthwhile, although your guests rooms might be okay with low-traffic, more economical carpets.  To further reduce expenditures, take into account lifetime replacement and maintenance costs. The latest flooring trends blogs in Arizona suggest trying carpet tile rather than rolled carpet if you have children or pets. To keep your carpet looking new and fresh, you can replace individual tiles as needed rather than replacing the entire room after a few years of spills and stains.