Best Carpet Colors that dont Show the Dirt

Latest Flooring Trends in Arizona

Have you not dreamt of a carpet that gets dirty without looking like one? Homes with pets and young children are always looking for measures like these. Some carpets can get ruined easily, while others last for a long time. The most crucial factor that decides it is efficient planning. Did you know you can get a carpet that will get dirty without letting the new visitors find it? Let’s get straight into what should be kept in mind while getting that flawless carpet you have been looking for inspired by the latest flooring trend in Arizona.

Types of Carpet to Hide Dirt

Patterned Carpet

The different varieties of colors, textures, and patterns make patterned carpets one of the best to hide dirt. Not only are they fantastic for hiding dirt, but they also offer a unique look.

Carpet Trends

Nylon Carpet  

Everyone knows the benefits of Nylon and how it can withstand wear and tear, but did you know it is an excellent way to hide stains? Also, it’s easy to clean nature, making it a favorite option.

Types of Colors to Hide Dirt

Dark Brown

As per the latest carpet trends, using darker shades can be a game changer. The color brown will give your floor both style and cleanliness. However, ensure the color goes with your existing interiors to make things look perfect.

Earth Tones

You can go for neutral shades like dark beige or navy blue to make your floors look striking yet clean. Earthy tones also present a relaxed vibe and distract one from all the possible stains.

Multicolor Carpets

Multicolor is another carpet option that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your floor apart from hiding stains and spills. It will distract the eyes and not let people focus on the dark spots.

Clean Carpet Dirt

Carpet Colors to Avoid

While some colors can perfectly camouflage the stains, others make them more prominent. If you want the best carpet flooring in Arizona, stay away from a few shades.

  • White is the first color that should be out of your list. The spills will take center stage and be the first thing your guests notice as they enter. It is the first color that you must avoid for your carpets.
  • Another two colors that must be avoided are yellow and orange. While they bring the perfect summery vibe, choosing them for your carpet is a big no. Dirt and footprints will become highly visible with them.
  • Black is the favorite for most people. One might think it is a great option considering its darker tone. However, dirt builds up over time, and you may regret it later.

Bottom Line

With so many options, you can surely get confused. It is best to reach out to an expert and get appropriate advice. Contact a flooring expert to learn what will go best with your existing interior, and let them guide you. They will probably opt for an in-house visit to understand your home and taste. Feel free to call a professional and get the best carpets for your floors.